Kate Christian — software & web design | based in Chicago, IL

Other Artwork

freehand sketches, ink


“Spacecat” 2015 Pencil

"Drogon" Photoshop, 2012

“Sketchy Frog” 2015, Colored Pencil

Pirate, Colored Pencils, 2011

“Yeticorn” Photoshop, 2012, after being asked to draw a strange fictitious creature

India Ink Wash
Doric Detail according to the treatise by Gibbs and Palazzo Facade Study

Limes, 2008, Colored Pencil

Analytique of Acqua Paola, Drafted Ink on Mylar, 2008

Fairchild Gardens Gate, Drafted Pencil (stones) and Freehand India Ink (gate), 2008

boca raton city hall

alhambra water tower

jupiter lighthouse

ponce de leon fountain